Medical Malpractice

Have you undergone medical treatment whilst in the USA? 


If something has gone wrong with the medical treatment or your care you may be able to bring a medical negligence claim in the USA. Medical negligence is called medical malpractice in America.


Just like personal injury claims in the USA, medical malpractice claims in the USA can result in very high awards of damages – far higher than in England.


The most common scenario for a medical malpractice claim in the USA is where an English person is involved in an accident and undergoes medical treatment as a result. In some situations, we need to advise clients on bringing a personal injury claim and a medical malpractice claim at the same time.


Medical malpractice is a complex and specialised area of American law and we work closely with specialist malpractice attorneys in the American State where the malpractice took place.


If you have received medical treatment in America that you believe is negligent please telephone us to discuss your options.


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